Science needs women.

Mind the Stem Gap is Fondazione Bracco’s Manifesto in support of access to STEM disciplines for women, overcoming gender stereotypes.

The Mind the STEM Gap Manifesto

Language: be aware of words.

Phrases like “Don't be a sissy” contain toxic connotations, which solidify and strengthen stereotypes. It should be remembered that, in general, words give form to thoughts.

Combat stereotypes.

The belief that science is more suitable for men is a stereotype. Stereotypes are self-fulfilling prophecies that steer individual perceptions and decisions. This is why they need to be seen and discarded.

Behavioural models.

There are no men's jobs and women's jobs. We should avoid using roles and models based on gender stereotypes.

Play and cognitive development.

Games help us learn about ourselves. It is important that girls have access to construction sets, meccano and logic blocks, which are still regarded as typically for boys.

Access to knowledge.

Science and maths can be as fascinating as drawing and music. Let's help girls and boys freely discover and cultivate their interests, without any limits.

Full engagement!

Overcoming stereotypes is a tough challenge we need to work on together, engaging the whole community involved in bringing up our children.


The Mind the Stem Gap Manifesto was established in 2021 to:

  • Overcome gender disparity in the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

  • Increase awareness of women's contributions to scientific disciplines

  • Promote more inclusive education for girls, free of stereotypes and prejudices

  • Support the community of educators, at home and at school.

Mind the Stem Gap is a Fondazione Bracco project.